• Sightseeing Tour of Biscayne Bay in Miami : One of the most beautiful Bays anywhere in the world
Sightseeing Tour of Biscayne Bay in Miami : One of the most beautiful Bays anywhere in the world

Macarthur Causeway:  Our exclusive Sightseeing tour buses will pick you up from your hotel In Miami Beach to the marina where your Sightseeing Boat is waiting for you a short drive away at Bayside Marketplace.  Bayside Marketplace lies at the heart of Downtown Miami at the foot of our city’s most imposing skyscrapers, right at the edge of Biscayne Bay where the marina for your professional guided tour is waiting for your arrival.  

Bayside Marketplace is a midsize shopping plaza extremely popular with tourist and locals alike. It features dozens of restaurants and food courts among which we find Hard Rock Cafe, Hooters, Bubba Gump Shrimp, Largo Seafood, Latin Cafe and many others. It hosts more than 140 stores to many to list among which you find Gap, Victoria Secret, Express, Guess, Brookstone, Gamestop, and many others.

As your Sightseeing Boat Tour departs from Bayside, as we locals call it, you will be cruising away from Downtown Miami and you will appreciate Miami’s gorgeous Downtown Miami Skyline. It is America’s third largest but we locals believe it is the most beautiful with its contemporary and modern designs each one bearing the signature of the world’s greatest architects and designers.

The first island that will come to your attention is Dodge Island. This island houses the Port of Miami, the world’s largest port in the world.  You will see the world’s largest cruise ships from Royal Caribbean and Carnival to name a few docked side by side hosting thousands of passengers waving goodbye to passing cars on Macarthur Causeway or to Sightseeing Boat Tours like the one you’re on. You will also see dozens of the world’s largest cargo ships bearing flags from distant parts of the world as they bring their goods to our port and subsequently to other parts of our nation.  For this reason Miami has been called the “Port Capital of the World”

Your boat tour will continue as it loops around Fisher Island. The most expensive real estate per square feet in Miami is found on this exclusive island, where celebrities like Oprah, Andre Agassi, Boris Becker, Julia Roberts, Michael Jordan, Jim Carrey, Susana Jimenez a famous argentinean TV celebrity, and famous russian composer Igor Krutoy call home.  Make sure your camera is ready to catch a few pictures of these extremely exclusive condominium apartment buildings.

Upon departing Fisher Island and your Sightseeing Boat enters beautiful Biscayne Bay you will find on your left the US Coast Guard Station that not only protects our maritime borders but supervises the safety of all maritime vehicles.

Star Island, the highlight of this boat tour is your next stop. Star Island will impress you with impressive homes of the rich and famous.  You will see the homes of Gloria Stephan, Elizabeth Taylor, Shaquille O’Neill, Sean “Puffs” Combs, Naomi Campbell, Rosie O'Donnell, Lenny Kravitz, Pharmaceutical Billionaire Phillip Frost, Edward Parker from Parker Pens, Madonna, Don Johnson, and Will Smith.  Indeed these homes on this island have been used repeatedly on TV series like Miami Vice, CSI Miami, Burn Notice, and famous films like Bad Boys, the Specialist, James Bond 007, and many others.

Flagler Monument : As you curve around Star Island you will notice a small uninhabited island on your right with a monument dedicated to one of our city’s founders and entrepreneurs.  Mr. Flagler indeed understood the potential of this tropical paradise and dedicated the rest of his life and fortune to both promote, invest, expand, and indeed to lay the framework of what someday would be one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

After Star Island, the next highlight will be Palm Island.  This island has homes belongin to Barbara Walters, Scott Storch a renowned American Record Producer, actress Gabrielle Anwar, and it was Al Capone’s final residence after being released from prison.  It also hosts the Adams Family Home shown in movies and recognized by millions worldwide.

Right after Palm Island you will cruise on your boat alongside Hibiscus Island where you can appreciate gorgeous mansions with waterfront locations used for pop music videos like Shakira’s and Usher video location.  

Dilido Island:  As you cruise alongside Hibiscus Island on your right side you will appreciate Dilido Island where reknown artist live as Paulina Rubio, Arne Quinze (a famous conceptual belgium artist), and Barbara Becker (famous african american photographer married to Boris Becker).

Watson Island: as you cruise past Hibiscus Island and as the Biscayne Bay funnels your Sightseeing Boat Tour between the picturesque Venetian Island and Watson Island you will be able to appreciate the waterfront part of Jungle Island Park a family friend interactive zoo loved by children and adults of all ages. This park with its many exhibits, lagoons full of flamingos, Everglades Replicas, and more than 3000 animals is visited by hundreds of thousand of tourists each year.   Watson Island also houses our Miami Children’s museum a gargantuan facility designed by Architectonica with exhibits and galleries and auditoriums for the enrichment, entertainment and education of our young ones.

As you continue on your boat tour past Watson Island and your Sightseeing Boat tour passes underneath the impressive Trooper Smith Bridge which marks the end of Macarthur causeway, you will get an opportunity to take memorable pictures of our iconic Miami Herald building showed numerously on Miami Vice and CSI Miami, and our more contemporary architectural landmarks like the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and the always amazing American Airlines Arena, arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing arenas in the world.

At this point your boat trip has come a long way, as it has looped around the most important part of our Biscayne Bay, and our most beautiful islands therein.  As your boat trip comes to an end after 90 solid minutes of incessant picture taking for your family album, and you come back to Bayside, you will again take delight and awesome pictures of the splendor of Downtown Miami skyscrapers.

Bayside Marketplace is there to welcome you back and our boat’s captain and crew will wave goodbye and thank you for your business.  We indeed hope you have enjoyed this trip and we hope that the memories captured by you on the dozens of pictures you took remain in your family album, or your Facebook account for many years to come.  

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