• The Everglades Tour : The Most Amazing Eco-System of ALL
The Everglades Tour : The Most Amazing Eco-System of ALL


The Everglades Safari Tour will bring you an amazing experience to share with family and friends.  

The Everglades is the largest sub-tropical wetland ecosystem in North America.  It is named the “River of Grass” comprising 100 miles long by 60 miles wide in average. It is about 8 million acres in size.  The Everglades will present to you an opportunity to see Flora and Fauna typical of this part of the world alone.  Remember, there is no other Everglades anywhere in the world!!

Our comfortable Sightseeing Tour buses will pick you up at your hotel and will take you across the City of Miami, past the city boundaries into the greater expanse that is the Everglades.  

Professional Guides will take you through this unique and natural ecosystem on board an exciting park-approved Airboat, just like the ones you have probably seen in countless TV series and Movies that are filmed yearly in our beautiful city.

Everglades National Park is home to a rich and varied more than 1,392 exotic plant species of seed-bearing plants, numerous epiphytic plant species as bromeliads and orchids, and many others representing more primitive and simply constructed groups, such as ferns, mosses, and lichens.

Birds are the most interesting and colorful creatures of the Everglades.  There are over 700 types of winged creatures at the park. From Wading Birds (wood storks, and white ibis, the green-backed heron and 14 others), to Predatory Birds (falcons, owls, hawks, bald eagles, kites), Land Birds (blue jays, woodpeckers, cardinals, meadowlarks, and bob-whites).

Among the forty species of unique mammals, the Everglades hosts river otters, gray foxes, red foxes, racoons, marsh rabbits, white tailed deer, and the almost extinct Florida Panther, bobcats, and small black bears, and manatees.

However, the “King of the Everglades” is without a doubt the American Alligator.  Once a member of the endangered species this amazing reptile is making a comeback.  Without the alligator there would be no Everglades.  The best time to appreciate them is during the dry season when 10 inch babies to 10 foot gators can be seen on the shores along the trails.  These reptiles feed on fish, small amphibians, and little mammals. One should never get closer than 15 feet to any alligator.

While at Gator Park, you will enjoy an amazing wildlife show where special trainers and handlers will bring out into the arena a large alligator so get your camera ready to take some amazing pictures of this amazing reptile up close as the park ranger explains about the habitat and characteristics of this “king of the Everglades”.  

Enjoy the Gator Wrestling Show with amazement as barehanded handlers use techniques passed down by Native Americans to catch and tame wild alligators.

You will have the opportunity to hold a baby alligator in your hands (its snout is sealed with duck tape for your safety) and you may take memorable pictures to your family and friends.

If you get hungry while at Gator Park there is a snack cafe with traditional burgers, hotdogs, and sandwiches and of course more varied everglades specialities like frog legs, alligator tail, and catfish.

After your amazing journey at the Everglades comes to an end, our comfortable sightseeing large window tour bus will be waiting for you to bring you back in comfort and safety to Miami’s city boundaries and of course your hotel in our beautiful City of Miami Beach.

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